Typically, a Home Security System makes you think of an old school device on your wall with a 90’s TV remote look and feel to it. We’ve discovered a solution that implements an elegant tablet as a central control point, and using a compact, low energy server, you can have sensors in all of your rooms, on all of your windows, doors, and even sensors that detect moisture. These systems are self-monitoring, so alerts instantly go to your phone, and you’ll absolutely love the ability to arm and disarm the system remotely.

This setup requires a wallet sized server to be online and connected anywhere it can get internet, a tablet (or multiple) mounted to your wall where you want to control it, and of course, the sensors. All sensors are wireless and battery powered, typically lasting 1-2 years on a single charge (depends on how often they are tripped), so you won’t have the additional cost of running wires throughout your home or office.

Every setup is different, so you’ll have to schedule a time for us to come visit and have a look around. The typical visit to get a feel for what you’re need will take one hour and then we’ll be out of your way.