Tech Solutions wants to fill a void in the technology industry. In South Central PA, there are a lot of people who need help with different pieces of technology, but they don’t know where to look. Maybe your computer stopped working, but you also have questions about “cutting the cord” and streaming your TV shows? Or maybe you need someone to hook up the new Stereo in your movie room? Did you accidentally drop and break your laptop and want someone to see if they can backup your files while they’re setting up your new WiFi router?

That’s where Tech Solutions comes into play. The owner, Justin has an intensive technical background in dealing with every day electronics, and can even help you with small electronics projects that involve soldering or tedious wiring. There’s really no limitation on the questions you can ask, and sure enough, you’ll probably get an answer you like in response to every one of them!

On the opposite end, We’ve been working with Websites since the days of HTML and “Flash” sites, and have taken multiple courses on optimizing your website in a sense that Google will actually just start sending people to yours. Digital Marketing is often ignored or forgotten about when you’re a small business, but a Tech Solutions website can really take you to the next level. Pricing and information can be requested to have us continue to manage the page after we build it to ensure that your site gets to the top of google for your search terms as quickly as possible. If you’re still not sold, give us a call and let us know your concerns, we’d be glad to sit down and have a conversation to clear up and questions you have.